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We can get rid of your timeshare! team of expert lawyers, attorneys and consumer advocates have over 30 years of experience in real estate litigation. Our advocates will give you free advice and consultation where we can explain the process and show you how to get rid of your timeshare legally, how to sell it fast and will help you successfully exit your timeshare. We are not a resale company.

Our Process

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    Free consultation

    When you contact us we will schedule a free consultation at your convince. We will do a thorough analysis on your situation and explain your options

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    File Preparation

    We will assign you an Account Coordinator who will work with you though the entire process. They will collect all relevant files needed to successfully exit your timeshare. They will keep you updated on the status.

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    Negotiations and Legal work

    Our team of expert lawyers will work on your behalf to have the resort take back your timeshare. This is our “secret sauce” and why we guarantee our work. Our system has been refined over many years to give us virtually 100% success rate.

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    Once you’ve successfully exited your timeshare your account coordinator will contact you with the good news. We will also send you written confirmation for your records.